Collection: Taylor Swift (sad girl's version)

I was 15 (turning 16) back in 2007 when I first heard Teardrops on my Guitar. And since then, I've followed Taylor's career throughout the years. She's like the older sister I never had. She wrote songs that had integrated so perfectly into my life that I could vividly remember where and when I was whenever a new album dropped. If my life was a film, the musical scoring would mostly be from her discography. It's so interesting to be at an extremely different phase of my life and listen to her rerecorded versions of the songs I grew into adulthood with. It's nostalgic and yet amazing, to be making new memories with it. I'm so so so incredibly proud of Taylor.

This is not official Taylor Swift merch. Scent names are inspired by Taylor Swift and her discography. Taylor, please don't sue me. 

sad girl scents is not affiliated with Taylor Swift and Taylor Nation, LLC in any way. Unfortunately.