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better man

better man

'better man' smells like you would have been the one

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scent notes aftershave / leather / whiskey
scent profile masculine / sweet
scent strength subtle
release date Nov/12/2021, 10 AM (Manila Time)

sad girl story

(790 days after us)

While I have long accepted the reality that we will never ever be getting back together – I have to admit that it did sting a little bit.

Not because I want you back. No. I know whatever was between us was too broken, too damaged – like a car that’s been in a total wreck. The cost to fix is too high that it would be better to leave that unrecognizable piece of metal in the junkyard and move on with our lives.

While I wish you the best and know in my heart that I had a hand in why things ended up the way it was, it still hurt that it took pushing me away to the point of no return for you to realize that you needed to change and to treat whoever you are in a relationship with better. Yes, I'm aware this is making this all about me and how much it hurt to see your work to become a better person – because I knew all along that you had it in you. I would never have offered up my youth to you if I didn’t believe in you.

And yet you never deemed me worthy to deserve the best version of yourself.

I truly wish that whoever you end up with, you're going to treat her as "the love of your life" - for real this time. I genuinely wish you happiness as I permanently close this chapter of my life.

I guess this is the last time I will be writing you a letter I will never ever send. I really hope she writes you better letters. And that, unlike all the letters I’ve gotten from you, none of the letters you write to her are to apologize.

I did love you, and maybe I always will. But I guess just not enough to spend the rest of my life waiting for you to fulfill the promises you made me.

candle details


coconut wax, soy wax, 10% phthalate-free fragrance oils
℮ 6 oz wick: eco wick
burn time: 30 hours
℮ 9 oz wick: triple-ply wooden wick
burn time: 50 hours
℮ 13 oz wicktriple eco wicks
burn time
70 hours

scent strength guide

subtle best as a desk candle or small rooms
medium best for small to medium rooms
strong best for medium to large rooms

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