Collection: 'wish you were here' collection

The 'wish you were here' collection revolves around where most of us found ourselves stuck in the past two years - home.

'Home' is different for each person. It used to be a place where we rest. But now, it’s also a place where we work. For some, it's their respite from the cruel world outside. And for others, it's just an address. Some find it in people and some find it in places. Some have not been home for a long time, and some just do not want to come back. Some are still in the process of building (or rebuilding) their homes from nothing, while some are welcomed into a home that already feels like it was built for them.

For me, 'home' feels like a distant memory - in the past and of the future. Childhood memories of blanket forts and mom's baked goods. A time where everything seemed possible and within my reach. Dreams of having my own home with a family waiting for me. A place where I feel safe and secure - where there are people who I know will shelter me when the storms of life eventually come flooding down.

I'm still in the process of finding my way home, and when I do, I know I'll wish *you* were here.

'wish you were here' collection - out on October 31, midnight (Manila Time).