'from the vault': shop our unreleased scents

'from the vault': shop our unreleased scents

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Shop our unreleased scents!

why it’s not been released

✧ doesn’t have a fully formed concept (no names, not part of any coll i’m working on etc)

✧ similar vibe/scent notes (but still different) to a scent that we already have

✧ not really sure I’m ready to release it yet cos feelings lol

✧ already over it because feelings are fleeting & don’t really want to dwell on it anymore lol

why we’re releasing

✧ they’ve still been tested + I like them a lot!

✧ also serves as an interest check if we should keep in mind to release them in the future


✧ 10 ml eau de toilette

✧ comes in our usual packaging: pink box, branded glass vessel, no scent label + just a paper with scent notes

✧ limited stock & can’t promise a restock hehe

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