boxed set [preorder]

boxed set [preorder]

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All boxed sets are for preorder. Order will be shipped 2-3 weeks upon payment confirmation.

They did say that the best things in life come in threes. And they're right 😉

Get three 6-oz candles - still in sad girl scents signature pink and gold box. Extremely gift-worthy for your loved ones, and especially for you. ✨

Pick your sad girl special from the list below~

daddy issues breadwinner + husband material + red flags
eat girl eating my feelings + home for the holidays + walang label
emotional distancing it's not me, it's you + red flags + walang label
independent woman 30-day notice + flower subscription + hope you're proud of me
kaya ko pa ba?? anxiety attack + dear past me + ok naman ako
LF: sugar daddy
30-day notice + breadwinner + husband material
self-care eating my feelings + flower subscription + ok naman ako
swipe right husband material + ten years + walang label
true love flower subscription + mom knows best + single awareness day
walang forever it's not me, it's you + red flags + ten years