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[discontinued] botanical gift set

[discontinued] botanical gift set

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Let sad girl scents surprise you with a gift of botanical decor candles/wax melts - poured and curated just for you!

How to surprise yourself in 3 easy ways 

  1. Place an order for the sad girl scents botanical gift set.
  2. Once your order is confirmed, you will receive a link to a short quiz to help us make your order.
  3. Sit and wait* for your gift set to arrive. ✨

Candle scents available in the gift set

  • All non-limited edition scents
  • Upcoming scents that are not yet released 👀
  • If I have the fragrances for it, sometimes I'll customize scents based on your quiz results!

How to use 🕯️

  • For candles - you can use them as decor or a scented candle. Please make sure to always light the candle on a plate or a bowl to avoid any mess.
  • You can still use the remaining melted wax as wax melts.
  • Do not pour excess wax down the drain or flush in the toilet as it may clog your pipes. Please dispose of it properly.

Candle Content

beeswax + soy wax 
wick wickless or cotton wick
fragrance load 9% - while the scents are the same, the scent throw will be a bit weaker compared to our regular candles

*candle curing time will take a week. We will ship your order once it is done curing. 🎁

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