sad girl story

Hey sad girls, Trisha here! ✨

The idea of sad girl scents was born one late night in July of 2020.

This sad girl found herself unemployed for the first time in my eight-year career - and it unfortunately had to happen in the middle of a pandemic, too. I had just left a ten-year relationship in 2019. And 2020 was starting to look up with a pending move and lots of travel plans.

Before the pandemic, I had the freedom to "escape” my real life whenever I found myself in a shitty situation. I would do things that excite me - traveling, shopping, hanging out with friends, and whatnot.

So when I found myself stuck at home without a job, without a partner, without a mom - to rely on, I was at a loss on what to do next. Don't even think about traveling because everyone had to stay at home. I can't splurge on retail therapy without an income. Meeting up with friends would be irresponsible and a health risk.

I spent months paralyzed from my anxiety while I dealt with all the feelings I have not healed from. Most nights, in order to help me relax, I light up a scented candle from my huge candle stash in the dark or mix essential oils for my diffuser. I found which scents I preferred and started making my own candles to pass the time.

While I’m still not happy nor fully healed, what I do have are candles. Lots of candles. And you can have them too.