reed diffuser

how to use a reed diffuser

remove the stopper on the jar and place the reeds. make sure to do this by a sink or above any absorbent material for potential spillage. give your reeds enough time (about 30 minutes to an hour) to absorb the oil before it starts to diffuse fragrance.

flip your reeds every few days (or as needed). do this when the exposed reeds are too dry or you need a burst of fragrance.

location matters! our reed diffusers are small and is perfect for closets, bathrooms, and other small rooms. placing them in high traffic areas also help the fragrance circulate. avoid placing it near air conditioning units or doors leading outside.

always place your diffusers in flat surfaces and out of reach of children and pets.

different reeds for different scents.

place your diffuser on top of coasters for additional protection. oil drippings can cause damage to surfaces.